"The poems is written our struggles"

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Currently Perro mordaz resides in Berlin (Germany), where he is working on his fourth album. After his latest release "El Solista" in 2011. Now, 2 years later Perro mordaz is working on his new project. "79 Rimas" consisting of 15 tracks,here of 12 previously unreleased collaborations and 3 new tracks. On "79 Rimas" you´ll find contributions from artists such as: Panthy (Habitación del Panico), Paisa strum (Saico Sur), Jimmy Fernandez (La Pozze Latina), Wh (ex shamanes) Sammy Houston (Gangsta Familia), Geonezetao, Soulistikal and Tormenta verbal.

The album consists of these three new songs: "Di Mi Nombre" feat. Panthy, produced by "Bajo el sepelio" mixed and mastered by (aliter Estudio), "Un Dj, Un Beat y un mc", produced by "Dj Zeck" and "Princesa de la Calle", in colaboration with Rodd and panthy, on an elegant Beat by Snowgoons (Germany). This is the first single of the forthcoming album. With a music video shot in Paris (France), Berlin (Germany) as well as in the streets of Santiago de Chile (Eloahin Ra) music video made by Visual Rhyme.


Soulistikal - Desde mi cárcel corporal (2001) / Label (Kalimba Records)
Soulistikal - Pinarsaidaz (2002) / Label (Independiente)
Soulistikal - San Joakingz (2003) / Label (Manimal Records)
Perro Mordaz - El Show de la calle (2004) / Label (independiente)
Soulistikal - Amor & Dolor (2005) / Label (Independiente)
Perro Mordaz - Talento del ghetto (2008) / Label (Independiente)
Perro Mordaz - El Solista (2011) / Label (Infames)
Perro Mordaz - 79 Rimas (Mixtape) (2015) / Label (Infames)


Rezonancia (Zorpresaun) - Amor Callejero (1999) / Label (Sony Music)
Joyas del barrio (2001) / Label (Emi)
Hermanos Bernal (Suecia) Oyé Corazón (2009) / Label (Independiente)
Fullclass - Sin Confusion (2011) / Label (Independiente)
Clansecuente - Mcrosis (2011) / Label (Independiente)



79 Rimas (Mixtape) (2015)


El Solista (2011)


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